Encaustic Art

Turning up the heat & melting wax fills the air with an earthy smell of beeswax and warms my mood.

The rumble of the blowtorch and the blending of pigmented wax works like meditation for me. I find the process to be incredibly intoxicating and I love to share it with others through social media, and selling my work in many forms.

Jellyfish 2022 — Available

Beach Dreams 2022 — Donated (Prints available)

Maybe We Should Have Been More Careful 2022— Sold

Her Magesty 2022 — Available

F*ck All This Sh*t 2022 — Sold (prints available)

I Lost It 2022 — Available

After The Storm 2022 — Available

Tempest Ignite 2021 — Sold

Flight 2020 — Sold (prints available)

Deep Ocean #2 2020 — Sold (prints available)

Carnival #1 2020 — Donated to BnR Rock n Rescue

Cotton Candy & Goldfish 2020 — Sold

Deep Ocean #1 2020 —Sold

Drowning 2020 — Sold (prints available)