I like to create, work with my hands and keep busy. I love to learn and discover new programs or materials. Owning one “thing” isn’t right for me. I am a designer, photographer, teacher, artist, landscaper, dog foster mom, and mother to humans and two pups. Many days I do all of the above, others I dive into one for a while before moving onto the next.

As a designer I worked many years in corporate and now I work with small businesses, and teaching my students. If I feel like I am making an impact, I’m super motivated. Helping my students earn their BFA is rewarding and inspiring.

My photography typically consist of my kids and peonies (my favorite flower) but I also really enjoy photographing other families and weddings, and food. (See, I like everything). Actually, one of the reasons I love weddings is because it covers all types of photography, posed people, events, still life…

As an artist, I work in many mediums. I love oil paints but it has been difficult to do with kids running around. I took up encaustic in 2019, which involves fusing layers of pigmented wax on a sturdy surface (like a board) with heat. Basically, I paint with fire. It’s amazing. It’s warm, calming and it smells wonderful. I can layer and scrape till I feel like I’m done.