COURSE Art Experience
COLLEGE Academy of Art University
DESCRIPTION The art experience classes are designed for high school students looking to develop their skills before enrolling in college. In this class, students learn to think conceptually and to develop their visual communication skills through understanding the combination of image and message. They gain knowledge about the design principles of typography, layout, photography and illustration and the part they play in graphic design. Presentation skills are offered to prepare them to present their own ideas to others.

J Cole by Charis Guerzo
Troye Sivan by Jordyn Wong
Hobbie Stuart by Kelly Kavousi
Killers by Sarah Meyer

COURSE Making Ideas Visible
COLLEGE Academy of Art University
DESCRIPTION This graduate level course introduces students to the conceptual requirements of the design profession. In this semester long project, students choose a topic and attention is placed on developing the thinking skills necessary to conceive unique design solutions. Visual communications is explored from a variety of historical, social and cultural contexts. The final product is a multi page magazine.

Fashion and Patterns by Alex Jang
The Hit by Amal Albagmi
Turning of the Tide by Varun Kapoor