I have developed my career into an array of creative ventures that continues to challenge me. I enjoy working with my hands, inspiring & developing people, and keeping busy & challenged.

As a designer I am most excited about the research and development stage. The design process as a whole is educational and seeing a project through to completion is very rewarding. I enjoy concepting, packaging, book design, branding and typesetting.

As a business owner and photographer I am constantly learning about the technical nature of running a business, while self developing my skills. I am humbled to capture life's important moments for my clients as a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I aim to capture true emotions and personalities, rather than staged images driven by a shot list.

In all aspects of my life, especially with educating, I am most committed to inspiring and developing people. My previous experiences have given me the ability to seek out ways to challenge people and help them grow by providing projects, guidance, encouragement and feedback. People learn in a variety of ways, and understanding how people become inspired and how they learn is the best way to connect and drive development. I believe creatives can all grow exponentially with the proper guidance because they feel inspired and proud to self motivate beyond the classroom.